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Bush & Village Dinners

The ideal way to round up a great package is to have a dinner set up exclusively for your group, out in the middle of the bush or in the center of a traditional African Village (such as Gwembe Village located  between the Victoria Falls and Livingstone). Under the stars, or under a large free-standing tent - With music, entertainment, dance, bonfires, great service and delicious food and drink!

The sun has set and beneath a blanket of stars you arrive at the village of Gwembe. Lanterns and firelight greet you with a warm glow. Singing songs of welcome, the village men and women dance, clap and usher you into their humble village. Theirs is a home of unbridled hospitality and warmth. The Chief’s Courtier greets you and invites you to see the simple dwellings of the Chief’s people, allowing you a glimpse of the traditional way of African village life.


The village centre is reserved just for you and the young maidens guide you to the dining area. Your seat is the traditional stool of the Botanga people, carved from the trees of the forest. Traditionally, these are reserved for the men whilst the norm for the women are the reed mats and blankets, scattered amongst the stools around the open bonfire. Once seated the dutiful maidens are tasked to serve you with a welcoming beverage of African Beer, served in the time-honoured way by calabash or gourd. (Of course, if your palate doesn’t quite agree with the flavour, a village gent will be happy to provide a more recognisable refreshment from the fully stocked bar behind the kitchen.) There is an option to use Directors Chairs and high standard tables if you would prefer for this Village Dinner, however this is an extra cost so please enquire for quote.

The Chief’s Courtier
will briefly explain the ways of village life whilst the village ladies serve you snacks of special African Delicacies. Embroiled in the magic of it all you may not notice the occasional village dog or cat lurking about the huts, sniffing at the aromas emanating from the large bellied pots around the kitchen fire. Dinner is three courses and comprised of a delightful array of truly traditional fare that is surprisingly tasty, (yet not unknown in modern times). Of course, the villagers will not allow for an evening without entertainment and will sing and dance for you during the night. Seated around the fire, soak in the stars, the night sounds of the village and indulge in the idle chatter of your companions. This is how it has been for thousands of years and is a truly African experience never to be forgotten.

Sample Village Dinner Menu.

Snacks - African Delicacies (Served on Platters – Choose Three)
Round Nuts
Ground Nuts
Mopane Worms
Dried Kapenta (fish)

Starters (Plated – Choose One)
Crocodile Soup
Minestrone Soup
Tomato & Onion Soup
Pumpkin or Butternut Soup
Boora Soup (seasonal vegetables)

Main Course (Buffet Braai/Potjie – Choose Four)
Beef hot Pot
Hunters Hot Pot
Vegetable Curry
Rural Chicken Stew
Boerewors Sausages
Nyama ne Sadza neMutu
Kapenta in Tomato & Onion
Chicken Pieces on Braai

Starches (Buffet Potjie – Choose Three)
Sweet Potato
Nshima (Sadza / Maize pap)
Zambian Wild Rice
Lusala (Potato Dish)
Cassava (Zambian Vegetable Dish)

Vegetables (Buffet Potjie – Choose Three)
Two Bean Medley
Zambian Cabbage
Pumpkin and Sweetcorn
Boora (Seasonal Vegetables)
Traditional Covo (Spinach or Rape)
Wild Spinach & Ground Nuts (with a Peanut Butter Flavour)
Roasted Mealies (Similar to Corn on the Cob) available Dec to March only

Desserts (Plated & Served – Choose One)
Apple Pie
Fruit Tart (Seasonal Fruits)
Assorted Seasonal Fruits (i.e. Mango, Banana, Sugar Cane, Paw Paw)

Tea & Coffee (available on request)

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Special Agent Packages

Between now and the end of the year, Cansaf will be offering some "special" group packages to our partners in the group, conference and incentive business. This is a good opportunity for corporate clients and other groups to come and experience the combination of Victoria Falls and Chobe. We envisage that space available in August and September (it is late in the day already) is going to dry up quickly, so if you have any groups looking for space for over this period then please let us know urgently.

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Lion Walk

15 minutes drive from the centre of Victoria Falls Town, you will find a group of lion cubs which range in age from 3 to 16 months. After a safety briefing, guests will interact with 2 or 3 lion cubs for a period of approximately 1 ½ hours!

Elephant Interaction

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