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The Batoka Challenge

The Batoka Challenge
This is a full day White Water rafting challenge, individually tailored for the group and run completely separate from any other tourists on the river. Teams will learn how to negotiate rapids and gain an in-depth knowledge about the incredible geology and history of the Batoka George.
The group is met at their hotel and transferred to the Batoka Gorge. Once there, they will be given a detailed introductory talk on the Zambezi River the gorges below the Victoria Falls. They are then split into smaller groups and introduced to their rafting guide for the day. The guide puts the team through an initiation – ceremonial water dunking. The group will then sort themselves out into a working team and will find that team work is imperative as they need to rely on each other as they learn the art of turning the boat, reversing, high siding, pulling each other back into the raft and of course, how to re-flip the raft.
As the day progresses, each member of the team is given the opportunity to learn the art of guiding the raft through some of the smaller rapids by using ‘guide terminology’. Will his crew respond? Closely monitored by the guide, this is a great way to measure teamwork out of our comfort zones and in Nyami Nyami’s territory.


Lunch is served on the banks of the river and is a hearty feast, fit for a successful team of intrepid paddlers. This is a good opportunity for the groups’ to discuss the morning’s activity and how each team member has faired and how to go from here. For the more adventurous, River Boarding can be tried whilst the others get back into their rafts. With a life jacket, a pair of flippers, a helmet and a ½ metre board this is a wonderful way to float down the Zambezi.
Finally the groups arrive at their take out point and once the daunting 200m climb out of the gorge is completed the guests can enjoy a refreshing beer or two as they survey the ‘wild white water’ they have just conquered during an amazing day’s experience.

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Special Agent Packages

Between now and the end of the year, Cansaf will be offering some "special" group packages to our partners in the group, conference and incentive business. This is a good opportunity for corporate clients and other groups to come and experience the combination of Victoria Falls and Chobe. We envisage that space available in August and September (it is late in the day already) is going to dry up quickly, so if you have any groups looking for space for over this period then please let us know urgently.

Bunji Jumping

Plummet beyond your personal boundaries as you jump 111 metres off the Victoria Falls Bridge to the Zambezi River below. Try the Solo, Tandem, Back Dive, Star Elevator or Shooting Star off the bridge!

Lion Walk

15 minutes drive from the centre of Victoria Falls Town, you will find a group of lion cubs which range in age from 3 to 16 months. After a safety briefing, guests will interact with 2 or 3 lion cubs for a period of approximately 1 ½ hours!

Elephant Interaction

There can be few experiences in life that compare to spending time close to an African Elephant, feeding it's cavernous mouth, touching it's rough prickly skin, having it feel you back with its dexterous trunk! It is a fantastic learning experience.

White Water Rafting

If you're in the Falls, this may be your only chance to go White Water Rafting below the Seventh Wonder of the World! The Zambezi River below the falls is legendary for it's white water and should be at the top of your "to do" list!